Watleys End 4mm EM

Watleys End is a compact 4mm scale, EM gauge layout representing a fictitious GWR branch line terminus in the mid-1930s. The village of Watleys End was an important centre for the hatting industry in the 18th and 19th century. Had this industry survived, it may well have justified a small goods yard to serve the hatting factories and a station providing connections to Bristol. Buildings and scenery are a mix of scratch built and kits and include typical South Gloucestershire features such as local pennant sandstone, tiled roofs and dry stone walls.  Rolling stock is mainly modified RTR, with 3-link couplings to add to the operating challenge. Trees are made using wire twisted and covered in filler for the trunk and main branches, with sea moss to provide the smaller branches and a base for the Noch green leaf foliage.

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