York Gardens 4mm OO Shunting Puzzle

York Gardens

York Gardens is a minimum space inglenook shunting puzzle with a scenic backdrop that includes a high level line running across the back of the layout.  The layout is designed to be operated by visitors who are invited to form a train of wagons in an order determined by picking cards from a pack.

The trackplan consists of only two points and three sidings. As with most shunting puzzles, the longest siding holds 5 wagons, while the two others have a capacity of 3 wagons each.  The headshunt allows for the engine plus 3 wagons.  When operating, a total of 8 wagons plus one engine are used.  While 8 wagons may sound modest, this still provides 6,720 different possible permutations.  The stock has been fitted with Spratt and Winkle couplings to allow for hand free shunting.

The lower level track is PECO code 75 and the buildings and architectural features are made from the Scalescenes range of products.  A shuttle unit drives a loco or a DMU across the back of the layout at regular intervals.

If you have any questions or want to have a go then please do not hesitate to ask!

Exhibition details:

Contact:                               Steve Douglas (SVMRC Club Secretary )

E-mail:                                  [email protected]

Layout size:                         7ft x 15inches (a 6ftx 2ft table is required to support the layout)

                                                The layout is operated from the front

Power required:               1x 13Amp

Insurance value:               £1,250.00

Other:                                   The layout has its own lighting rig

No of operators:               2

Transport:                           Layout fits in a car and comes from the Yate area

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